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Terrence Edelman

This Holiday Tradition Started in Kansas City!



It can’t be the holidays without plenty of gift wrapping! Did you know that gift wrapping was invented 100 years ago right here in Kansas City? It’s true. A shortage in tissue paper one year sparked an idea with Rollie Hall, the older brother of Hallmark founder Joyce Hall, to create wrapping paper!

We now spend over two billion dollars annually on wrapping paper! You might love unwrapping gifts under the tree, but sometimes keeping it all under wraps can be difficult. The organizers at Zaarly have some tips to help you out!

  1. Cut the legs off of pantyhose; slide a roll of wrap into the leg. To store, hang a row of hooks (one for each roll), and secure the open end of the stocking with a binder clip. Then, hang the clip on a hook.
  2. Use a small binder clip at the top edge of the paper roll to secure the end of the paper and keep it from unrolling. Remove and replace the clip when wrapping.
  3. String two parallel lines of picture wire across the top of a closet. Next, screw hooks (or eyes, the metal ring with a screw on the end) 3 or 4 inches below the ceiling. Then, lay rolls of gift wrap across the two wires. You can also use two tension rods for curtains in place of hooks and wires.
  4. Lay tissue paper flat in a single stack and clip the ends on one side with a large skirt hanger. It sometimes also helps to fold down the edge of the stack to be clipped and clip along the fold.
  5. Gift bags can also be clipped on a hanger and stored in this way. Use hangers with sliding hooks to accommodate different sized bags.

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